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Written on oktober 10 2023

Nicoustic has been a true success story powered by knowledge and experience. Our company is based on the expertise of Fraunhofer IKTS in Guided Elastic Waves, industrialization and new technology drive from Equinor as well as combined commercialization skills of Fraunhofer Venture, Equinor Ventures and CoFounder.

Our story began in 2018 with an R&D contract awarded by Equinor to Fraunhofer IKTS. Equinor was interested in utilizing the experience of Fraunhofer IKTS in maintenance. Initial focus was on vessel integrity, but it quickly shifted to non-intrusive level measurement in process vessels. This is a truly novel idea with a big possible upside. Normally. level measurement is performed using intrusive probes. The issue is that many process vessels run for years without stopping and every turnaround is a painful exercise in minimizing the downtime. Since the Nicoustic technology is non-intrusive, it is possible to install our sensors any time, with vessel in operation. Maintenance becomes just as easy.

It is often said that it takes around 10 years from an idea to a new product. We have managed to get all the pieces of the puzzle in place in record time so far – technology, team, customers and funding. Thus, we are well on track to beat this estimate by a good margin.

Read about the Nicoustic success story at the Fraunhofer Venture website. There is a lot in the making, stay tuned for more exciting news in 2023!

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